Establishing Yourself as a new Business is Hard

So 2 months in, have my business website up, started reaching out to contacts that I have, created a plan in my mind (did not write it down) and here I am sitting at my desk with three potential clients no commitments and my mind racing.

I am an intellectual person who loves to research everything.  I feel the more knowledge I have the better equipt I will be to achieve what I want.  I am diving in head first into research on advanced analytics as well as reaching potential.  I have also been diving into the virtual assistant world and finding a ton of information about it.

I know that everyone has their own ways and theories about how to succeed and I think it is great that everyone wants to share those theories with everyone.   Many people find their success stories motivational and that they give them a kick in the pants to get their business off the ground.   What I have found is that they don’t seem to share how hard it is to get to that successful point.   They don’t talk about how long and how much effort it takes to get those initial clients and get to a point where you are making some money and not stressing every day about how you are going to make ends meet.

I am here to say that establishing yourself as a new business is hard! It is mentally and emotionally exhausting.  That being said, every time I meet with or talk to a potential new client I get this surge of energy that makes me excited, it makes me think of the endless possibilities that are ahead of me.  It makes me think about how much I love what I am doing and can’t wait to share this love with all of my future clients.

I am still on this journey I am still trying to get established but I have not lost hope.  I have started doing more research and putting new practices in place.  One of those things I am putting into place as of today is writing things down.  I feel that once it is written it becomes something I need to do, and if I don’t do it then it nags until it is done. This is one tip that was in many of the researches I have done and I think it has its merits.

I want to say to everyone reading this and everyone who is going through this journey don’t loose hope it is important to push through.  This is one thing on your journey that makes you who you are and makes you special and will help you achieve what is meaningful to you.

If you are a potential client reading this I hope you can see that it is me putting myself out there and being open and honest about myself and my business.  I feel this is important to be open and transparent to everyone I work with.  I also want to say thanks for reading!

Good luck to everyone on their journey!


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