How can I use video analytics at the grass roots level? 

Most people think video analytics is only for high performance and high level teams. However there is so much that can be done with it at the fundamental grass roots level.  

One of the best things is just to get young athletes used to watching themselves and what is going on around them.  They may not understand the specifics or be able to duplicate immediately what they see but getting started at just looking and watching is a good skill to have.  

One way to do this is focus what they are watching.   You can have them watch themselves or someone similar to them that they may guard against.  Keeping a narrow focus helps them get good at looking at specific things. If they have too many options or too broad of a focus they often will get overwhelmed or lost in what they are watching.  

You don’t have to watch hours and hours. Keep it short.  Ask questions such as what did you see? What would you do different? What would you do the same next time? You can guide them but don’t give them answers.  Let them self discover.  If they don’t have them all that’s ok.  Let them think and ask them next time. 

You can pick which clips to show yourself using a movie player or software or you can look at third party companies who break video down for you such as Hudl.  Another option could be a company that works with you 1 on 1 such as Alley-Oop Consulting ( 

Whatever you decide keep things specific and guide the discussion but let them come to the answers.  


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