I have been coaching basketball for 15+ years and have ventured into the video analytics world this last year, I have also ventured into the world of being a Virtual Assistant. A lot of people are asking how these things are linked. The way I look at it is I am good at a lot of things and if I can provide help to someone who is not as good at those things and make their lives easier why not.
From the VA side my strengths lie in the area of creating documents (transcribing or new document creation), power-points/keynotes, presentations, and training programs/materials. I am good at taking notes and observing/researching and providing recommendations. I am available for remote work, or if needed and covered I am willing to travel (I love adventures and new experiences).
For the video analytics side of things I have purchased a SportsCode license and am looking to help people who can’t afford the program for themselves excellent video breakdown without the work of doing it. Provide me with video and I will break it down for you however you want. My specialty is basketball and wheelchair basketball however I am open to working with any sport as long as you let me know what you are looking for.
My personal mission in life is to help set people up for success in all areas of their lives. I feel I can do this in the sporting world, business world, and everyday life. Lets connect and have an investigative meeting to see how I can help you. I have some predesigned packages available and am also open to discussion if there is something you need that I have not outlined we can see if we can make it work.
Let me help set you up for success by making things easier for you!