How can I use video analytics at the grass roots level? 

Most people think video analytics is only for high performance and high level teams. However there is so much that can be done with it at the fundamental grass roots level.  

One of the best things is just to get young athletes used to watching themselves and what is going on around them.  They may not understand the specifics or be able to duplicate immediately what they see but getting started at just looking and watching is a good skill to have.  

One way to do this is focus what they are watching.   You can have them watch themselves or someone similar to them that they may guard against.  Keeping a narrow focus helps them get good at looking at specific things. If they have too many options or too broad of a focus they often will get overwhelmed or lost in what they are watching.  

You don’t have to watch hours and hours. Keep it short.  Ask questions such as what did you see? What would you do different? What would you do the same next time? You can guide them but don’t give them answers.  Let them self discover.  If they don’t have them all that’s ok.  Let them think and ask them next time. 

You can pick which clips to show yourself using a movie player or software or you can look at third party companies who break video down for you such as Hudl.  Another option could be a company that works with you 1 on 1 such as Alley-Oop Consulting ( 

Whatever you decide keep things specific and guide the discussion but let them come to the answers.  


Video Analytics Part 2

In my last post, I talked about what Video Analytics is.   This post is focused on answering “what do I do with it?”

Now obviously I can’t give you all the answers or there would be no need for my services! However, I can help explain what I can do to help you with it and what you will be able to do once you have the breakdowns I have provided.

So, we have gone through the introduction phase, you have given me your video, we have sat down and talked about what you are looking for and I have gotten you the clips you asked for, what now?   After you have your video clips there are 2 options

1) I can work with you to look at them and help guide you with some leading questions to help you figure out why those specific clips are there.   Most often you know what the clips are for because you have requested them specifically and now you are trying to get information out of them and figure out were they good or bad instances of what you have asked to watch.     If they are bad, I would then guide you into figuring out what was wrong with them and how we can improve in that situation.  If they are good, then I would guide you with questions around your decisions at that point and how we can make sure we make those good decisions again in the future.   This option can be done in person, through a virtual meeting like Skype, over the phone, or with a questionnaire that you fill out as you go and I check to make sure you have the understanding without me physically being there.

2) The second option is that you take the video and watch it yourself without me guiding you.    This is a good option if you are fully aware of what to look for and why you are looking for those things or if you have someone else like a coach or parent who is capable of leading you through a guided discover (as I have in the first option).

No matter which option you choose it is very important that you are watching your video with specific intentions and purpose and you are pulling out information on how to improve or keep doing well to repeat a good performance.

There are many books, blogs, and YouTube videos out there that tell you what you should be looking for, however, I am a firm believer that every athlete is different and there is no one main way to do things for everyone.   This is why the initial meeting is so important as well as constant follow-up and communication.

Having someone to help guide you not tell you will help you develop as an individual overall and make it more of a personal experience in which you are invested and committed to.   How many times has your coach told you to do something and you say yeah and think you are but when you see yourself on the video you realize you actually aren’t?    This is where self-discovery and awareness come into play.  Once you have seen it and identified its chances of not doing it or doing it again (if its good) are higher because you are aware instead of it just being something that came in one ear and possibly out the other.

I am talking here about devleopment and player awareness.  Looking at stats and analytics from that side is a whole nother story and topic that will be covered later.  I am current reading and doing research on advanced analytics and how to use those for player development.   More to come!


Video Analytics Part 1

I have recently started my video analytics company and in my journey of promoting it have come across a couple commonalities when I tell people what I do.   First, they ask “What is that?”  and the second thing that I have been asked is “What do I do with it?”

This has lead me to the idea of creating a blog series about video analytics, the services I provide and some suggestions, tips for people who have a ton of video sitting around the house of their kids playing sports.  And then from there who knows where it will go.

This first post is mostly information about me and my business to give you an idea of where I am coming from.  This will answer part of the question “What is it?”

When I think of video analytics I think of player development.  Using video to help players develop to their full potentials.   There are multiple ways to do this, hence the multiple services I can offer.  Development of athletes is very individualized, anyone who sells you a general package that they use is full of it.   Video analytics is the same way.   Everyone has a different level of understanding, knowledge, ability to see the game, ability to see themselves objectively, and ability to comprehend what they are seeing.   I start with every client by sitting down and talking with them about their goal & objectives for themselves, their season, and their development.

I start with every client by sitting down and talking with them about their goal & objectives for themselves, their season, and their development.  This helps give me a framework for what I am going to target in the breakdown of the video.   From here, if their coaches are involved in the project I will sit down with the coach and ask them the same questions.  Often athletes and coaches priorities are different, so I want to be able to amalgamate the two into something meaningful and actionable.

Once we have an idea of what is a priority for that specific athlete, they send me their video and I start to pull out the clips that show these items that they want to focus on.   After the first set of breakdowns, I have the athlete watch it and tell me what they see and why the feel I picked those specific clips and how they relate to the targeted areas.  If they are able to identify and get what is going on and are comfortable we keep on with the process, send me a video I send you clips.   If you are struggling or having trouble I will sit with the client (virtually or in person) and discuss what to watch for and help guide them.

This is for individuals.  What happens when a coach wants analytics done for their team? Basically, the same thing, sit down talk about priorities and what they are looking for, send me the video, you watch first, then if needed I will jump in and help guide.

From here we then go into the question “What do I do with it?”  Stay tuned for my next post to address just that!